Monitor APM

Periodic SLA reports for service performance awareness

Uptime Monitoring

Guaranteed to be up and running when you need it

Real-time alerts

Notifications by email and/or SMS to keep you in the loop

SLA reports

Daily, weekly or monthly SLA reports sent to your inbox

Do you know what your customers are experiencing?

IT operating departments often have good control of processor, servers, memory, capacity utilization and several other elements in the IT value chain.

But such measurements don’t say anything about the experience your customers have with your online channels.

MonitorAPM checks that your product and services are available to your users 24/7/365.

We also measure your customer’s experience.

MonitorAPM provides you insights on what should be improved and logs the data necessary to track what has failed and when errors have occurred.

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Data only tells part of the story

Get daily, weekly or monthly reports with information about your services performance.

Use this information to identify patterns, weakness points and improvement areas. You can always log on MyMonitor to dive into the details of your service’s performance. Get notified instantly when the customer experience falls below your quality threshold. Swift and decisive action minimises the costs of incidents and interruptions of your online services.

For our premium clients MonitorAPM also offers a service to identify improvement areas and suggests concrete actions for improved performance. Sign up now! Monitoring your online services is a smart decision.

Instant alerts

Be notified instantly when performance changes impact KPIs

Identify patterns

To proactively manage the performance of your services

Make improvements

Easily identify areas of improvement to maximise customer satisfaction

Reduce costs

Minimise the cost of incidents and interruptions to your services

MonitorAPM checks that your product and services are available to your users 24/7/365.

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